"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

- Steve Jobs


Templating to me, is setting the foundation to create clear and effective communications. With extensive expertise and a knack for precise, yet creative ideas when it comes down to building communications that not only look great, but are completely useable for the end client.

I work alongside design agencies, branding agencies, as well as directly with clients to set up and create beautiful Word templates, PowerPoint templates and InDesign templates to bring your design concepts to life. 

Business Supplies Design


Typesetting to prepare your work for publishing or for print. Although many believe typesetting is simply putting words to a page, I can tell you now it's a much more complex process than that. 

Focusing on the little details; every style, every text box, every text chain, every image, every design element. All of these need to be considered and documents to be set up correctly with an expert eye.

The position, usability and accessibility of each and every aspect of your communications will be considered. In typesetting, precision is key. And that's just how I like to work.

Create or Die 2


Essentially packaging design concepts into finished pieces of work. This is my more technical role that focuses on reworking design concepts and addressing inconsistencies, adjusting colours, having an extensive look at spelling and grammar and getting the files ready to be printed. 

Whether you just need a quick glance, or an extensive study of your communications, it's always proven useful to obtain a professional view.

Graphic Design